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Electric bike conversion kit
E-bike Conversion Kits

48V 350W Rear Wheel Drive Bike Conversion Kit

I think for starters, I’m very very impressed with your kit and your attention to detail.

I like how everything is included. The tool kit was a excellent touch and the parts that you have included seems well thought out

E-bike Conversion Kits

KirbEbike 48V 1000W Rear Wheel Drive Bike Conversion Kit

Very easy to install, and with detailed instructions! It was friendly and effortless for us!

E-bike Conversion Kits

KirbEbike 52v 2000w Raar Wheel

The parts I received are of good quality, each part has a simple description and even gives you a list of additional parts that can be replaced.

Also, the customer was very nice and responsive and shipped quickly.