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Green Riders Club

We've created an online space where KirbEbike can come together to ride for our planet and redeem exclusive rewards along the way. Let's go green together and ride for a better future.

A special award is waiting for e-bikes that can shoot great videos/photos in a very creative way with their KirbEbike e-bike kit. We love to see all themes and formats:

buyer shows and reviews, storytelling, video blogs, and even short movies! Think outside the box and shoot it your way!

Create YouTube video posts

Record your moments with KirbEbike e-bike kits in a video (at least 3 minutes) and post it publicly on YouTube. Any format and subject are welcome! Tell a story, video blog, or even a short movie ...... We are looking for your limitless imagination! Please include "KirbEbike" in the title of your video, tag our official channel, and include the following subject tags.


Create Photo Posts

Use your KirbEbike e-bike in any creative way to capture your favorite moments using pictures and share them publicly on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. Think outside the box and shoot it your way! Please tag our official KirbEbike account on each channel when posting and include the following hashtags.


Video Feedback

Take a video of more than 1 minute, the content is installation and riding a bicycle.

(A reward can be obtained randomly)

1. Free Order (Ebike kit)

2. £50 cash bonus

3. £20 cash bonus

4. £20 discount coupon

Feedback By Photos:

Photo Feedback

The content is a picture of a bicycle equipped with a kit outside/ a picture of riding.

£20 Cash bonus

Award coupon


Award coupon

200-20 (Kit)

For every ParticipantForm: You can post to social media such as FB, Youtube, etc., and send the link to us after publishing, or contact us directly via Email / FB message to send pictures and videosLong-term collection, evaluation on the 30th of each month.