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About Us

An eco-friendly way for cyclists and environmentalists to explore
and enjoy a new way of life.


To make daily commuting
effortless, speedy, eco-friendly,
and fun.


To make high quality
e-bikes accessible to all.


Joy, Diversity, Community,
Sustainability .

Our story.

Andy Kirby has played an influential role in the take up of electric personal transportation, his youtube channel started when he fitted a simple e-bike conversion kit to an old bicycle and has grown to a channel with over 17 million views. Andy started the Kirbebike brand alongside Jason with the mission to make it easier to convert existing bicycles into electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes) Andy and Jason's e-bike conversion kits have empowered and changed people's lives for the better and helped reduce traffic and CO2 in urban areas.
Steve (dudestuff) joined the team in 2020 and with his relentless addiction to fast bikes and crazy builds is a true expert in his field. If you can imagine it he's probably built it!!!
The trios long-term goal is to continue to make it easier for people to get out of their cars and enjoy a more free and easier form of electric transport.

There are


Bicycles In The World.


Can Be Converted

Think Green. Ride Green.

We're always looking for more things we can do
to make our world a better place.

The World of KirbEbike

We know how many problems can plague your daily commute ......

Easy E-bike Commuting For Everyone

- Delays
- Excessive traffic congestion
- Bad weather
- Expensive transportation costs

Believe us, we have experienced the same dreaded moments and understand the frustration of every commuter. We all want to get rid of the tedious commute that consumes our precious time and energy. That's why KirbEbike is on a mission to make commuting easy, fast, and fun, to go green, and to make you love the way you ride.


Green Riding, Reasonable Prices

We offer an extraordinary green travel riding experience, but our prices are still competitive. Thanks to our strong supply chain and 10 years of industry experience, we can offer our customers quality products at reasonable prices.

We Value Our Supporters

From the moment you purchase a KirbEbike e-bike kit, you become a part of our growing and diverse community. Excellent customer support is available at all times through our online and offline channels to ensure KirbEbike customers are satisfied and supported.

We Value Your Ideas

KirbEbike is a young brand that wants to grow with our beloved customers. We strive to constantly improve ourselves based on your valuable feedback. Please feel free to send us your comments via support@kirbebike.com

We Are Building A Community

We're building lifelong relationships with our customers and building a dedicated community for KirbEbike. Here we share our exciting moments, tips, and tricks for installing e-bike kits. Join our KirbEbike e-bike kit global community and explore different ways for different people!

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