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What is the Best Mid-drive eBike Conversion Kit?

What is the Best Mid-drive eBike Conversion Kit?

Mid-drive eBike conversion kits improve your bike's power and torque. They give the bike more balance and can be used with various gear. Hence, making them better than other conversion kits. 

Ebikes are the go-to bike option for lovers of cycling because of the ease they give to cyclers. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with different brands of eBikes which are often expensive. Without breaking the bank, you could own an ebike by converting your regular bike using a conversion kit. Conversion kits consist of motors and parts that make your normal bike function like an electric bike.

According to the placement of the motor in these kits, conversion kits are classified into Middrive, Rear, and Front Hub conversion kits. Mid-drive eBike conversion kit connects the motor directly between the pedals at the bottom bracket. Unlike the rear and front hub conversion kits, mid drive conversion kits give the bike better stability. Additionally, they make it easier to navigate tough terrains at top speeds.

It is best to make use of the mid drive conversion kits to improve the productivity of your ebike. The mid drive conversion kits have many benefits you will discover as you read through this article.

Benefits of Mid-Drive Conversion Kits

Mid-drive conversion kits offer several benefits compared to traditional hub-drive systems. Some of the benefits of this conversion kit include the following:

1. Improved power and torque compared to other types of conversion kits

The motor of the Mid-drive system is placed close to the bike's center of gravity. This results in improved power transfer and efficiency because the bike will require less energy to maintain a given speed. Consequently, this will enable you to enjoy longer ride times and greater range.

Mid-drive systems typically produce more torque than hub-drive systems. Hence giving you a more powerful and responsive ride, which can be beneficial for hill climbing and off-road riding.

Ability to use the bike's gears to optimize performance

A major benefit of mid-drive motors is that they can mount huge, multi-gear clusters on the rear wheel. Mid-drive motors do not obstruct the back wheel. As a result, e-bikes can use a variety of gear. In most cases, Mid-drive electric mountain bikes frequently use 12-speed cassettes.

If you choose the proper gear, a mid-drive motor will stay more closely aligned with its optimal performance curve. Despite the slight improvement, greater gear options should help the battery travel farther.

Improved traction on hills and rough terrain

The mid-drive motor gathers the pedal power signal and works with the driveshaft, clutch, and related parts. Afterward, it transfers the generated energy to the crankset to assist the rider while pedaling.

The mid-drive motor is isolated from the bottom bracket axle without battery power. Therefore, there is no magnetic resistance. As a result, you can enjoy your ride when the ebike battery runs down.  

Better Handling

Due to the positioning of Mid-drive systems, the weight of the ebike motor is distributed evenly across the bike. This helps the balance of the bike and makes it easier to control. Hence, helping the rider's handling and stability on the bike.


Mid-drive systems are compatible with more bikes and can be installed on a wider range of bike frames. As a result, you can convert almost any bike into an e-bike with a mid-drive kit.

Easy Maintenance

Mid-drive systems are easier to maintain than hub-drive systems. They have fewer parts and are located in a more accessible location on the bike.

Better Control

With mid-drive conversion kits, the rider can have better control over the bike, especially when climbing steep hills and going off-road.

Top Mid-Drive Conversion Kits on the Market

Some brands have proven to be very effective among the myriad conversion kits in the ebike market. The top mid-drive conversion kits in the market are:

1. Bafang BBS02B 48V Battery 500w Mid Drive eBike Kit

The Bafang BBS02B is compatible with commuter, road, and mountain bicycles. Proper installation requires a basic bottom bracket of 68-71 mm. Additionally, it comes with a battery, unlike some other products.

  • 500 Wattage
  • Motor Location: Crank
  • Battery: Yes
  • It covers a long range
  • It has various safety features
  • It is Compatible with a wide range of battery choices
  • Easy to install
  • Very expensive
2. Bafang BBS02B 750w

This product is compatible with mountain, road, and commuter bicycles. The Bafang BBS02B 750w requires a 68-73 mm bottom bracket as the basic requirement for proper installation. The kit is best used for adult bikes and has a straightforward installation process.


  • 750 Wattage
  • Motor Location:Crank
  • Battery:Optional
  • Riding Mode:E-Bike and Pedal Bike
  • The Pedal assist and throttle mode are compatible with all riding styles
  • Depending on the wheel size and bike configuration, it can be used at speeds exceeding 20 mph.
  • Uses the back cassette to increase climbing or speed, which is more effective than a hub motor.
  • Batteries are offered separately from the kit, and cadence-detecting pedal assistance is less seamless than torque.
  • noisier than the majority of gearless hub motors
  • Lacks the intelligence to recognize a gear change and does not release the brake, which can jam the gears.
3. Bafang BBSHD 1000w

Bafang manufactured Bafang BBSHD. It is compatible with fat, commuter, road, mountain, and bikes with a 68-73mm bottom bracket. Bafang  BBSHD 1000w can also be used with a 100mm or 120mm bottom bracket. However, you must pay attention to specifications before buying.

  • 1000 Wattage
  • Motor Location:Crank
  • Battery:Complete accessories come with a 48V battery or 52V battery.
  • Riding Mode:E-Bike, Pedal Bike, and Pedal Assisted Bicycles
  • High power output (1000w) allows for faster speeds and easier climbing of steep hills
  • It can be retrofitted to most standard bikes
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Relatively affordable compared to other high-power e-bike kits
  • May void the warranty of the bike it is installed on
  • Additional weight and power may put extra strain on the bike's components
  • Not legal in all areas, as some have laws limiting the power of e-bikes
  • It may require additional maintenance and care to keep it in good working condition
  • Installation may be complex and require professional help.
4. Tongsheng TSDZ2

This product was manufactured by Suzhou Tongsheng, the first company in China to specialize in producing E-bikes.

It has a 750w motor with a maximum torque of 80N.M. However, it has a limited speed of 25 km/h;

  • 750 Wattage
  • Motor Location:Crank
  • Battery:Yes
  • Offers a smooth and natural riding experience
  • Has advanced features such as regenerative braking and customizable motor assist levels
  • It can be retrofitted to most standard bikes
  • Has a relatively low noise level compared to other e-bike kits
  • Not as powerful as some other e-bike kits, with a maximum power output of 750w
  • It may require additional maintenance and care to keep it in good working condition.
  • Tends to be more expensive than some other e-bike kits.
  • Installation may be complex and require professional help.
  • Some users report reliability issues, such as malfunctioning controllers or broken gears.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

When choosing a mid-drive conversion kit, you should consider the following:

1. Compatibility with your bike frame and components

Make sure that the kit is compatible with your bike's frame, bottom bracket size, and chainring size.

2. Motor Power and Wattage

Pay attention to the wattage of the motor that you want to buy. The higher the wattage, the higher the power released while driving. For an eBike purposed for hill climbing, you will need more power. Hence, the wattage rating should be high. You must note that the motor power and wattage greatly influence the conversion kit price.

3. Price and Value for Money

Before buying a conversion kit, research and view the options available. Your choice of conversion kit should offer the best specification and durability within your budget.

4. Customer reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer

Consider the quality and durability of the components included in the kit, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.

Also, look for feedback from other users who have experience with the kit. This will help you know what to expect in terms of performance and durability.

5. Control

Look for a kit with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily adjust the level of assistance and monitor battery life.

6. Legal restrictions

Make sure the kit is legal in your area, as some places have laws limiting the power of e-bikes.

7. Installation

Consider the complexity and cost of installation and whether you feel comfortable installing the kit or need professional help.

8. Maintenance

Research the level of maintenance required for the kit you are considering and assess your technical ability to perform it.

9. Warranty

Choose a kit with a long-lasting warranty that covers essential components of the ebike. The warranty must cover two essential components: the ebike motor and the battery. These two are usually the most expensive part of the kit. As such, you need to ensure that the company warranty covers them.

Installation and Maintenance of Mid-Drive Conversion Kits

The following are the tips for a successful installation process for mid-drive conversion kits:

  1. Carefully read and understand the installation instructions for your specific conversion kit.
  2. Gather all necessary tools and materials before you begin the installation process.
  3. Ensure your bicycle is clean and working properly before installing the conversion kit.
  4. Remove any existing parts from the bike that the conversion kit will replace, such as the crank and bottom bracket.
  5. Install the conversion kit and all bolts according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  6. Test the bike's function and performance after installation to ensure everything works properly.
  7. Make adjustments or fine-tune the bike's settings and components before riding.
  8. It's always recommended for a professional bike mechanic to do the installation, especially if you are not confident about your mechanical skills.
Recommendations for maintaining and caring for your conversion kit

For any eBike using a mid-drive conversion kit, the following maintenance measures should be put in place:

  • Ensure your bike is void of dirt, and lubricate the drivetrain occasionally.
  • Perform a regular software update.
  • Don’t store your bike when the battery is dead. Ensure it is always full or partially charged before you store the bike.
  • Examine the bike for broken parts, spokes, and loose bolts.
  • Take the bike to an expert when you notice any fault. Don't try to do it yourself if you know nothing about it.
  • Only charge the battery with the right charger.


Mid-drive eBike conversion kits improve your bike's power and torque. They give the bike more balance and can be used with various gear. Hence, making them better than other conversion kits. The top mid-drive conversion kits you can get are Bafang BBS02B 500w, Bafang BBS02B 750w, Bafang BBSHD 1000w, and Tongsheng TSDZ2.

However, the best mid-drive conversion kit depends on your driving style, proposed terrain, budget, and desired speed. Before choosing a conversion kit, conduct thorough research and pay attention to the tips in the article.


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