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How Fast Does A 24 Volt Electric Bike Go?

How Fast Does A 24 Volt Electric Bike Go?

Riding a 24 volt electric bike is beautiful, but factors like choosing the wrong 24 volt ebike battery could spoil the fun.

The speed of your 24 Volt electric bike is dependent on several factors. Sometimes, improper maintenance of the ebike parts could negatively affect the ebike speed.

How Fast Is 24v In Mph

A 24 Volt electric bike can attain a speed of as high as 25 km per hour, which answers the question, 'how fast does 24V go? However, several manufacturers limit the speed of their 24 Volt electric bikes to a range of 15 or 20 km/h. Despite these manufacturers' top speed, it is essential to note that several factors could affect the speed of your ebike. Such factors include your 24 volt ebike battery, government regulations, and your maintenance of the ebike.

What factors affect how fast an electric bike goes

Several factors influence your ebike speed. These factors include:

1. Your Ebike Battery

Your 24 volt ebike battery has a direct impact on the speed of your ebike. By implication, a strong 24 volt ebike battery will give you a faster-riding speed, while a weak battery will limit your speed significantly. Unfortunately, the range of your ebike battery could drop when it is charged repeatedly. This range drop is because ions flow from the cathode to the anode each time you charge the battery. When the battery discharges, there is a flow reversal as charges move from the anode to the cathode. Repeating this process causes the cathode to wear out, leading to a drop in the 24 volt ebike battery capacity. Consequently, this reduces the speed of the ebike.

2. Ebike Weight

Heavier weights demand more energy from the ebike motor. The battery powers the motor, and the higher demand for energy on the motor affects the battery. Because of this, more battery is consumed by your ebike when you carry heavier weight. Consequently, your bike moves slower, and your battery gets depleted within a shorter time frame.

3. The Terrain You Are Riding On

Riding on a smoother and easier terrain causes your ebike to move faster, illustrating 'how fast does a bike go' under optimal conditions. One primary reason is that the pressure on the motor to overcome resistance is usually lower. As a result, your ebike will descend a hill more quickly than the ascension trip. Additionally, trips on paved roads will be faster than rides on gravel.

4. The Ebike's Motor Power

The motor power of your ebike has a direct impact on the speed of your ebike. As a result, the higher the rating of the ebike motor, the faster the ebike will move, providing an insight into 'how fast does a bike go.' Additionally, a higher power rating means that the bike can move weights easily. As a result, an ebike with 24 volts power rating will move faster than an ebike with 12 volts power rating.

5. Government Rules and Regulations

Government rules and regulations play a significant role in the speed of ebike motors. In European countries, ebikes have a maximum power of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, addressing 'how fast is 24 volts' in terms of regulatory limits. On the other hand, the US permits an average power of 500 watts and a top speed of 32 km/h. Due to laws like this, ebike manufacturers limit their ebike speed to the maximum speed permitted by the country. Consequently, once the ebike reaches such speed, it will cease to assist the rider. As such, achieving a speed higher than speculated will require manual efforts from the rider.

6. The Ebike Tires

Deflated or punctured tires would lead to a chain of situations that would cause the ebike to move slowly. The first on the chain is that the grip on the ground would not be so effective. Consequently, the motor will need to work harder for the bike to move. Additionally, the 24 volt ebike battery will be affected, leading to faster battery drain and reduced ebike speed.

Why you might want to buy an electric bike

Owning an electric bike comes with lots of advantages. These advantages vary from health and fitness to a boost in your relationship with friends and family. In case you are still in a dilemma about buying an Ebike, these points will help you make a decision

1. They Are Quiet

Ebikes are the perfect way to enjoy nature without the typical noise associated with automobiles. Asides from being noiseless, they do not emit gases. Hence, they are safe for the environment and yourself. While biking, you can breathe easily, knowing you are taking in unpolluted air.

2. They Are An Easy Route To Being Fitter

Several people have the misconception that riding an ebike eliminates the need to put in the effort. This is not true. Even though ebikes are pedal-assisted, it is an easy way for you to exercise your muscles.

Riding an ebike also ensures that you experience less muscle strain. This is particularly so because the ebike assists when riding on hills and rough terrains. As a result of this assistance, your muscles will be more relaxed than when riding a conventional bike.

3. Ebikes Help You Achieve Faster Riding

Riding in a group gets boring when some people are behind the group because they are slow riders. Ebikes have a reputation for giving a speed boost to slow riders. Hence, it would be best to have an ebike when riding as a group.

4. Ebikes Help Save Money

With an ebike, you save time, money, and energy you would have spent at the pumps. The less you use your car, the less fuel you expend and the less money you spend repairing worn-out car parts.

How to choose the right electric bike for you

There are lots of ebikes and ebike manufacturers in the ebike market. These ebikes have different specifications and features. However, you could be stuck with an ebike you do not like if you do not know how to choose. Even though this list is not exhaustive, it could serve as a guide when purchasing your new ebike.

1. Be clear About Your Needs

The ebike market is fast getting saturated, so you must be clear about what you need in an ebike. It would be best if you were also sure what you want the ebike to do for you. Being clear about your ebike needs will help guide the ebike specifications you will look out for.

2. Learn About The Battery

Your 24 volt ebike battery ebike is an essential part of the ebike. There are various ebike batteries out there, so choosing one that fits your lifestyle is crucial. For example, if you intend to go on long trips, a lead battery will not work for you. Consequently, it would be best if you researched ebike batteries and the characteristics of the different batteries.

3. Check The Brakes

Your safety is a priority, so your choice of ebike must not compromise that. Ensure that your choice of ebike has excellent brakes.

4. Know The Motor Type That Powers The Ebike

There are three different types of ebike motors. The most popular is the hub and Mid-drive motors. Mid-drive motors are located at the crank. Due to its placement at the center of the bike, it gives balance to the cycle. Additionally, it gives you a natural feel when you activate the pedal assist.

On the other hand, the hub motors are located on the ebike wheels. Some are usually placed on the front wheel, while other manufacturers place them on the rear wheel. These bikes' balance is not as sturdy as those achieved with mid-drive motors. Additionally, you get a feeling of being pushed when you activate the pedal assist.

Tips for riding your electric bike safely and efficiently
1. Always Use An Helmet:

Helmets are not assurance that you'd be unhurt if you have a fall. But it is essential to use them because they'd limit the impact of such falls and could save your life.

2. Protect Yourself From The Elements

Check out the weather forecast before your trips and protect yourself appropriately. On sunny days, ensure you use your screen and sunglasses. On cold days, dress in layers and waterproof vital items with you.

3. Be Alert

While riding, avoid loud music and things that could distract you. Always ensure you are in the moment and alert to take precautionary riding moves if and when the need arises.

4. Wear Reflective And Colourful Materials

Several biking accidents are caused by the inability of vehicle drivers to see cyclers on the road. Protect yourself from unwanted accidents by dressing in clothing that makes you obvious.

5. Keep Your Hands On The Bike

Regardless of your biking professionality, always keep your hands on the handlebars for balance. You mainly need this when sharing the road with other road users. If your hands are not on the bike, taking the proper safety measures would be difficult when unforeseen circumstances arise.

6. Know And Follow The Road Rules

Cyclists could avoid several bike accidents if they follow road rules. Ensure you follow the road rules strictly, most especially at intersections. Ride as though you were driving a car, follow the road signs and desist from riding against traffic. Following road rules will guarantee your safety while riding.

7. Watchout For Road Hazards

Be on the lookout for road hazards like ice, snow, loose gravel, puddles, and bumps. While approaching them, it is best to slow down. Running through them could lead to an imbalance that could throw you off the bike.


Every decision, from the purchase to the maintenance and riding of your bike, requires attention to detail. Riding a 24 volt electric bike is beautiful, but factors like choosing the wrong 24 volt ebike battery could spoil the fun. Understanding 'how fast is 24V in mph' can help you make better decisions for your ebike setup.

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