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Can I build my own electric bike?

Can I build my own electric bike?

Building your own ebike could be a rewarding experience. It could help save you money while giving you the fulfillment of owning your electric bike.

An electric bike is a motorized ebike with an integrated motor usually powered by a battery. In recent times, Ebikes have become commonplace in the automobile industry. You could blame it on the ease and comfort they provide their owners. As expected, with more ease comes an additional increase in price. Due to the price implications, several people stick to their standard bikes.

The great news is that you can build your own electric bike. Interestingly, you do not need an additional engineering or technology degree to get it done.

Building your diy electric bike is one of the cheapest ways to be a proud ebike owner. Additionally, it allows you to create the bike according to your skillset, style, personality, preference, and specifications. Building your diy elect

Determine Your Skill Level And Tools Available

Building a diy ebike is a full-fledged project that you should plan well. Before proceeding with the task, you must consider how equipped you are. You do not need to be an engineer or a mechanic to build your diy electric bike. However, you must be comfortable handling tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. Once you are comfortable using such tools, get them within reach, and purchase the bike, conversion kit, and battery. Then, set a date to do the fitting.

Choose A Base Bike And Determine The Conversion Method

The foundation of your diy ebike starts by choosing a base ebike and conversion method. These two are core components that make up the ebike. What factors should you consider when choosing a base bike? What is the most used type of conversion kit? This segment will show you all you need to select your base bike and conversion kit.

Choose A Base Bike With A Strong Frame And Reliable Components

When considering a base bike for your diy electric bike, one of the first things you should look out for is the bike's frame. Your choice of bike should have a strong frame and powerful dropouts holding the wheel's axles.

Steel bikes are often better for diy electric bikes than aluminium bikes. This is because steel dropouts are usually stronger than Aluminium dropouts. Interestingly, aluminium bikes with aluminium dropouts are generally more expensive than steel dropouts. Due to this, you should decide on a bike based on durability rather than price.

The next thing on your list should be the ebike brakes. A good braking system is more important in an electric bike than a regular pedal bike. Bicycles use two types of braking systems: Rim brakes and disc brakes.

Disk brakes last longer than their rim counterparts. They often provide a stronger braking force and require less maintenance than rim brakes. However, it is usually difficult to change them when the brake pads get worn out. Additionally, they make it more difficult to accompany them with a hub motor.

On the other hand, rim brakes have been performing relatively well. They come in handy for fast bikes and have a commendable strength level. To fortify the brake system of the ebike, several people use the two brake types when building their diy electric bikes.

In such cases, they will fix disk brakes on the front wheel and rim brakes on the rear wheel. This arrangement makes it easy for hub motors to be fixed at the rear wheel without compromising the brake strength of the ebike.

Decide Between A Mid Drive Or Hub Motor Conversion

There are three major conversion kit motors: Mid drive conversion kit, Hub drive conversion kit, and Friction drive conversion kit. Of the three, the Mid drive conversion kit and the Hub motor conversion kit are the most popular.

Mid Drive Conversion Kit

The mid drive conversion kit is preferred because of its quality and high power range. The motor of a mid drive conversion kit is usually placed between the pedals in the middle of the bike. Despite its small size and lightweight, it offers more torque than other conversion kit options. Additionally, the placement of the motor helps the bike attain optimal weight balance. Hence, making it a good fit for a mountain or offroad bike. However, this conversion kit is usually more expensive than the others.

Hub Drive/Wheel Conversion Kit

In some settings, the hub drive conversion kit is called the wheel conversion kit. The motor of this kit usually has its home at the front of the rear wheel. Due to the placement of the motor, bikes built with hub drive conversion kits are slightly off balance. A hub motor conversion kit is best suited for bikes used for daily commutes. Unlike the mid drive conversion kit, this is more affordable and versatile.

Gather Necessary Parts And Components

Choosing the correct parts for your diy electric bike build is an essential part of the process. Before making your choice, you need to consider your peculiar needs. What makes your choice of kits perfect is that it enables your ebike to perform all the functions you want it to do.

Electric Motor and Controller

After deciding on the type of electric motor, you would love to use, deciding on the brand you prefer is essential. You should speak to an expert or conduct thorough research online to choose a brand. If you would be buying online, it is crucial for you to check out the reviews and confirm their warranty. Doing this will help ensure that you get value for your money.

Battery And Charging System

Most ebike conversion kits do not come with their own batteries. Since the ebike needs to be powered by a battery, this saddles you with the responsibility of choosing a suitable battery. While some may consider it a disadvantage, it could be very helpful for you. Having a chance to select your own battery makes it easier to choose the best fit for you.

Before choosing a battery for your diy electric bike, you need to have a clear-cut function for the bike. The ebike battery determines the distance the ebike can cover. Additionally, the weight of the battery could influence the speed at which the bike can move. Choose batteries with higher voltage and capacity if you intend to cover longer distances.

Throttle And Display System
Install And Test The Electric Components

Most conversion kits come with the manufacturer's instructions on how they should be fitted. Sometimes, the manuals come with video guides that break down the procedure into simpler, visual steps. When working on your ebike, ensure you follow all instructions given by the manufacturer. While some of these steps might look basic and familiar, it is best to follow the recommended guideline. Before screwing up the bolts, run a quick evaluation to ascertain that all components are in the right position.

Afterward, screw all necessary bolts and test-run the bike. It is best for you to run the test in a controlled environment. During the test run, check all parts and components to ensure they function properly. Also, ascertain that the diy ebike is safe and fit for the road before riding it out.


Building your own ebike could be a rewarding experience. It could help save you money while giving you the fulfillment of owning your electric bike. Before carrying out the project, ensure to carry out thorough research. Check out the best conversion kits and read reviews from other users before your purchase. After choosing the conversion kit, you would be working with, ensure you plan the project and get all the essential tools you need.

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