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The 5 Best eBike Conversion Kits of 2024

The 5 Best eBike Conversion Kits of 2024

The Bafang conversion kit is a renowned brand in the world of the best ebike conversion kit. It has impressive power and high torque, which makes it easy to navigate tough terrains.

Electric bikes are the rave of the moment. The reasons for this are not far-fetched. They increase the speed level of cyclers and reduce the stress of pedaling. Unfortunately, the prices of electric bicycles are often on the high end. Even though budget ebikes are available, they give less satisfaction and pleasure than high-end ebikes. This brought about the need for conversion kits.

Conversion kits are budget and user-friendly ways to convert your regular bicycle to an electric bike. Even if you are not running on a budget, you could have an attachment to your old bike and still want the accompanying pleasures of ebikes. In such cases, a conversion kit could come to your rescue. The interesting fact about converting an ebike using a conversion kit is that the resultant ebikes perform optimally well.

Different conversion kits vary in speed level, terrain usage, and assistance supplied. Before choosing a conversion kit, it is best to analyze your lifestyle and the condition of your bicycle. It is essential to conduct this analysis before purchase to avoid purchasing the wrong kit. Aside from the fact that such a kit could get damaged easily, it could also damage your bike. Consequently, causing you to pay more than you would love to.

The 5 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits of 2024

The conversion kits market is rapidly populated with different brands and ebike kits. These kits vary in motor type, maximum distance coverable, weight, and several other features. While some come with batteries, others don't. Due to the different brands and names, making a choice may be difficult, especially if you are new to the ebike market. To help your selection process, we have narrowed down the list to the 5 best E-bike conversion kits of 2024. Before running through the list, it is essential to note that it is collated in no particular order.

#1: BAFANG BBS02B Mid Drive E-bike Conversion Kit

best ebike conversion kit for mountain bike

One major advantage of the Bafang is its compatibility with a wide range of bicycle types. It works perfectly with road bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes. However, using the motor with bikes with carbon fiber frames is not advisable. This is because the extra weight of the electric motor tends to damage the ebike frame.

Bafang mid-drive E-bike kit has a torque of 100Nm and a maximum power output of 500W. The motor's high torque gives you a smooth and sensitive ride that enables you to reach top speed in no time. It has three cycling modes: the thumb throttle mode, the pedal assist mode, and the normal bike. This range of modes allows you to explore varied options depending on your trip mode and preference.

Despite the speed of the Bafang conversion kit, it has low noise, high efficiency, and low power consumption. As a result, your ebike battery will last longer before running down. The bafang mid-drive motors top its excellent features with its ease of installation. The kit comes with an installation guide and a video that gives you a detailed visual representation of how to fit the kit.

When you order the kit, it comes with its battery, display, chain ring with a plastic guard, speed sensor, and brake levers. The presence of the battery saves you the stress of extra research on compatible batteries for the kit. Furthermore, the kit comes with cranks, thumb throttle, lock nuts, headlight, wrench, crank removal tool, and gloves.

#2: Swytch Hub Motor e-bike Conversion Kit

best electric bike conversion

Swytch amazed its fans with an upgraded front hub conversion kit in 2022. Unlike most conversion kits, the upgraded swytch hub motor is compact and light. It is easy to install and technically fits all bike types.

The swytch hub motor ebike conversion kit works with different wheel sizes, so there would be no need to replace your front wheel before it works.

The brand allows users to choose from two 36V battery options: AIR and MAX. AIR is a pocket-sized 98Wh battery that guarantees cyclers a minimum of 15km after every ride. On the other hand, the 180Wh MAX is tablet sized and guarantees as much as 30km of riding.

The 36 V battery is made with Li-ion. This guarantees better durability and lifespan of the battery. Furthermore, the kit's 250W geared hub motor gives a smooth navigation flow so you can easily accelerate.

#3: Tongsheng TSDZ2B Mid Drive Motor Kit

best electric bike conversion kits

The Tongsheng TSDZ2B is the perfect fit if you are working with a budget. It has a torque of 80Nm, making navigating hills and challenging terrains easier. Its 48V and 500W motor power helps to ensure that you reach peak speed with minimal effort. Hence, making it a suitable ebike for commuters who would love to cycle long distances.

Tongsheng TSDZ2B is lightweight, making it suitable for a wide range of bicycle types. However, you must ensure that the bike has a bottom bracket diameter between 68 and 73 mm. The company offers a warranty of 2 years for the electric motor and varying time stamps for other components in the kit.

When purchasing the 48V motor, you can choose from a list of 4 varying battery sizes. The first on the list is the 13Ah battery which affords you as much as 40-50 miles of range. Second, on the list is the 16Ah battery which gives elongates the maximum duration by 10 miles. With the 19.2Ah battery, you can cover as much as 70 miles, while the 21Ah battery gives 75 miles of range.

Regardless of the battery capacity of your choice, it is essential to note that the different batteries are Lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are safer. They improve the motor's efficiency and guarantee that you will not need to replace your battery for a long time.

Every Tongsheng TSDZ2B Conversion kit pack has a Mid motor, LCD, brake sensor, and light cable. The pack also has a throttle, chain wheel, and front light.

#4: Rubbee X E-bike Conversion Kit (friction drive e-bike kit)

buy best ebike conversion kit

The Rubbee X Ebike is a one of the best electric bike kits that allows you to monitor and control your assist modes from your phone. It is easy to install and requires no special expertise to fit it into your bike. Rubbie X ebike is an all-inclusive kit with its battery, cadence sensor, charger, and everything it needs to operate maximally.

The kit has multiple assist modes and a sensitive sensor that detects and determines how much assistance you need each time. Its wireless cadence sensor detects when you start and stop pedaling. The kit supplies enough power to support you based on your pedaling speed. However, the motor will stay inactive the moment you stop pedaling. By implication, the electric motor is pedal activated.

Rubbie X Conversion kit comes with an adaptive suppression system that works similarly to the traction system of cars. The electronic anti-slip control detects when the tire is slipping, while the adaptive suppression system pushes down the roller to support the ebike tires. Consequently, your ebike will be able to work under all weather conditions and on different terrains. With the Rubbie X Kit, you would not need to bother about nightfall. The kit comes with ultra bright rear safety light, which helps guarantee your safety at night.

#5: eSoulbike Conversion Kit

buy best electric bike conversion kit

Affordable: Enjoy the advantage of our direct selling approach, with eSoulbike kits priced at only 1/2 or 1/3 of other market products.
Versatile: With two riding modes, eSoulbike kits cater to different needs. E-bike mode provides a comfortable travel experience, while the Pedal Assist mode allows throttle-free riding.
Easy Installation: Our eSoulbike kit includes a complete and fully waterproof electric distribution system, making installation a breeze. It only takes 40 minutes to set up. Additionally, we provide a tri-mode controller, LCD color screen gauges, quick release throttle, brake sensor, PAS, and controller accessories.
Compatible: Battery compatibility is not an issue, as we offer two styles of lithium batteries (diagonal tube and rear hanger) to fit various bike models. Moreover, our eSoulbike kits provide both front and rear drive motors, allowing you to use your original bike's flywheel without the need for an extra one. As a bonus, we provide an additional charger as a gift.

Comparison Of The Kits

Having read through the list of the best ebike conversion kits, we would be comparing these kits with each other using variables like the motor type, battery, compatibility, and other factors.

Motor Type And Power Output

The motor type of a conversion kit affects the ebike in several ways. It could influence factors like the balance, durability of the ebike, and the bike's functionality under different weather conditions. Additionally, the motor type could affect the compatibility of the kit with your chosen base bike. On the other hand, the power output of the conversion kit influences how powerful your bike will be. It dictates how much distance your bike can cover effectively and how much functionality the motor can withstand without overheating.

The Bafang BBSO2B uses a mid-drive conversion kit with a torque of 100Nm and a power output of 500 W. By implication, the motor can successfully provide 500 Watts without overheating. Due to the placement of the motor, the drive will directly power the bike's cranks. Consequently, the ebike will be more powerful than a hub motor type having the same specific.

Regarding Motor power, the Tongsheng Middrive kit stands shoulder to shoulder with the Bafang BBSO2B. It has a motor power of 500 W and uses a mid-drive conversion kit. Like the bafang, its direct connection to the crankset makes it very effective.

With a power rating of 350 W, the eSoulbike Conversion kit comes next on the list. It uses a brushless hub motor, usually attached to the bicycle wheels. Due to the placement of this motor type, the motor will require less maintenance than a mid-drive motor. Additionally, they are not connected to the main pedal system, which eliminates the possibility of them stressing the chain or shifters.

Next on the list is the Swytch conversion kit with a 250W geared hub motor. Like other hub motors, it applies torque directly to the ebike wheels. Consequently, it is not affected by gear changes. Additionally, its location in the hub helps stabilize and protect it from falling.

The Rubbee X conversion uses a 250 W friction drive motor. It connects to the bike via friction and can work with various bicycle types. Additionally, this type of motor requires minimal connectivity and mechanical work. Consequently, there would be no need to tamper with delicate parts of the bicycle before fixing them.

Battery Type And Capacity

The battery type and battery capacity of your conversion kit go a long way in determining the range of your ebike. Ebike motors depend solely on the battery for power. As a result, you need to watch out for the battery capacity of the conversion kit you intend to choose. Aside from the battery capacity, you must watch out for the battery type. In the ebike world, Lead and Lithium batteries are the most popular. However, it is advisable for you to choose Lithium batteries because they are lightweight and more durable than lead batteries. Let's examine these ebike motors without much ado based on their battery type and capacity.'

When placing your order for the Bafang 48V 500W Mid Drive Kit, you can acquire a battery with it. Usually, you would have a chance to choose between different 48 V shark batteries. The range of available batteries includes 13Ah, 17Ah, 18h, and 20Ah batteries. These batteries have a rating of 624Wh, 816Wh, 864Wh, and 960Wh, respectively. The implication is that they are expected to cover an average distance of 25 miles, 33 miles, 35 miles, and 38 miles after every full charge.

Swytch Hub motors also free you to choose from two battery sets. The first battery has a capacity of 96Wh which guarantees you a distance of 15Km after every charge. In comparison, the second battery option guarantees you 30 km of riding.

Depending on your choice of battery, the Tongsheng TSDZ2B mid drive kit can cover as much as 75 miles. Like other best ebike conversion kits, Tongsheng gives you a four-range battery set to choose from. The least battery capacity in the range is 13Ah, allowing you to travel 40-50 miles after every full charge. On the other hand, the highest in the range is the 21 Ah battery which guarantees you 75 miles of travel. The batteries are Li-ion batteries. Hence, you would not need to worry about battery replacement for long.

The base model of the Rubbee X conversion kit has a Li-ion 36 V, 93.6Wh battery. Depending on your needs, you can expand the battery to two or three battery cells. A single battery comfortably covers a range of about 9 miles, while a three-battery cell helps you cover 30 miles.

Even though the eSoulbike conversion kit made it to the list of best electric bike kits of 2024, it doesn't come with a battery. You would need to purchase your battery separately while acquiring the kit.

You must note that the battery range could vary based on terrain, level of assistance used, and other factors.

Weight And Compatibility With Different Bike Types

With a weight of lb, the Swytch hub motor conversion kit tops the list of best e bike conversion kits as the lightest. This is followed closely by the Rubbee X Conversion kit, which weighs 6.1 lbs. Tongsheng TSDZ2weighs 7.94 lbs. Hence making it the third-lightest conversion kit. It is followed closely by the Bafang and eSoulbike conversion kits, having weights of 14.3 lb and 16.76 lb, respectively. In terms of compatibility, the friction drive of the Rubbee X gives it an advantage over its counterparts. This is because it works with friction and can be easily affixed to the bike. The lightweight nature of the Tongsheng gives it a wide range of compatibility. As a result of its compact size, even old bicycles can accommodate the kit comfortably.

The Bafang mid-drive kit is compatible with a wide range of electric bikes. However, its high power rating allows it to take on difficult terrains easily. Hence, making it the best fit for mountain and off-road bikes.

Price And Available Accessories

When working with a budget, the eSoulbike conversion kit is the cheapest and best ebike conversion kit. With $279, your kit will be ready for use. The priciest conversion kit on the list is the Rubbee X, which costs $621. Other kits like the Bafang, Swytch, and Tongsheng occupy the middle range in price.

Bafang mid-drive kit has more accessories than the other kits on our best bike conversion kits. The kit costs $470 and has its battery, display, chain ring, plastic guard, speed sensor, and brake levers. The thumb throttle headlight, wrench, crank, crank removal tool, and gloves are in the box.

Like the Bafang, the eSoulbike conversion kit has a wide range of accessories. The conversion kit has an LCD, a waterproof controller box, a thumb throttle, and a cut-off brake. Additionally, it has a 36V 350W brushless controller, a headlight and switch, and an 8-pedal assist system. However, the kit does not come with a battery.

Other conversion kits on our list of best ebike conversion kits come with the motor and require you to buy the necessary accessories.

Considerations when choosing an e-bike conversion kit 1000

buy best electric bike kits

Choosing a conversion kit requires you to pay attention to several essentials. While some factors are personal, others are based on your intended bike use. You need to consider factors like your weight, your intended speed, and the terrain. Getting started on what to look out for may be challenging for a newbie. Because of this, we have compiled a list of essentials you should factor in before buying your conversion kit.

Compatibility With Your Existing Bike

It will be a waste of money to buy a conversion kit incompatible with your ebike. It is important to consider the strength and drivetrain of your ebike. Due to the additional torque the electric motor will be adding to the bike, you need to be sure about the strength of the drivetrain. This consideration is very important, especially if you use a mid-drive motor. You don't want to destroy the bike when converting it into an electric bike.

You should also pay attention to the brakes of the bicycle. The extra weight of the electric motor and the potential speed at which the bike will move will put more stress on the brakes. Due to this, it is advisable to use bicycles with disk brakes. Disk brakes last longer and provide a better experience than rim brakes. Furthermore, it is easy to accompany them with hub motors. In situations where the bike does not wholly use rim brakes, it is advisable to use disk brakes in front of the bike.

Your Desired Level Of Assistance And Range

The range of your ebike depends on your motor power and battery capacities. If you have strong motor power and low battery capacity, the range of the bike will be low. At the same time, the battery cannot power the motor above the manufacturer's pre-designed range. Due to these factors, you need to be specific about the range you want to achieve before buying a conversion kit.

The range of your ebike could also be affected by the terrain you are cycling. A rough terrain will require more effort to thrust the bike forward. The effect of this additional effort will weigh on the battery and cause the battery to drain faster. Hence, reducing the maximum distance, the bike can cover.

You should also watch out for the level of assistance your motor power can supply. The lower the level of assistance the kit can supply, the more effort you need to apply when cycling.

Your Budget And Any Additional Features You May Want

An important factor to consider when choosing the best mountain bike electric conversion kit is the budget you are working with. There are several ebike kits you could choose from, and there is no point wasting funds on a kit you can't manage effectively. While considering your budget, factor in the running costs as well. You could research the lifespan of the kit components and a rough price estimate for replacing them. Weigh these with how much you are willing to spare before making a final decision.

Also, pay attention to the extra features you want your bike to have. If you are a night cycler, you may need an ebike with headlamps and an LCD. The headlamps would help you see clearly in the dark, while the LCD can give you real-time information about your battery capacity. Hence eliminating the possibility of you being stuck in the middle of nowhere.


The Bafang conversion kit is a renowned brand in the world of ebike conversion kits. It has impressive power and high torque, which makes it easy to navigate tough terrains. Due to the minimal power consumption of the kit, you can be certain that it will take a while before your ebike runs out of power. The Swytch Hub motor eliminates the need to replace your wheel before fixing the kit. It has a compact size and works with various wheel sizes. The brand comes with a Li-ion battery which can cover a minimum of 15km.

We didn't leave out Tongsheng TSDZ2B in our review. Tongsheng TSDZ2B has a high torque and motor power. This equips the bike to navigate tough terrains and easily achieve high speeds. To assure its customers about the brand's credibility, the kit has a 2-year warranty on the motor of the ebike.

Rubbee X Ebike conversion kit is a unique part of our best ebike conversion kits. The brand maximized the use of technology to produce a kit that can be managed from the cycler's phone. Furthermore, the kit is compact and can be easily attached to a wide range of bicycle types. The last member on the list of best e bike conversion kit is the eSoulbike conversion kit. With its bright headlamp, you would not need to worry about the dark when riding with the eSoulbike conversion kit. Furthermore, its sharp LCD keeps you updated with information about your battery, assist level, and other essentials.

Before choosing the best bike to convert to ebike, ensure you factor in your needs. These needs could include your weight, intended terrain, and your desired level of assistance. Putting factors like these in place will help you choose a conversion kit that suits you perfectly.

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