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KirbeBike EZ Rider Conversion Kit vs. Swytch eBike Conversion Kit

KirbeBike EZ Rider Conversion Kit vs. Swytch eBike Conversion Kit

At KirbeBike, we take pride in offering e-bike conversion kits that provide unbeatable value. We deliver high-quality kits at competitive price points without compromising on features, specifications, or components.
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At KirbeBike, we take pride in offering e-bike conversion kits that provide unbeatable value. We deliver high-quality kits at competitive price points without compromising on features, specifications, or components.

Here's how our EZ Rider Conversion Kit stacks up against one of our frequently inquired-about competitors, the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit.

At KirbeBike, our EZ Rider Conversion Kit is engineered to optimize your cycling experience, offering a blend of high-quality features and components. Here's how our kit compares to the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit.


The EZ Rider Conversion Kit is designed with an intelligent FOC controller that is integrated within the kit, allowing for a cleaner, sleeker look and keeping it protected.


Our kit provides riders with maximum motor torque of 50Nm and complies with local road regulations of 15mph. As of my last knowledge cut-off, specific top speed details for the Swytch kit are unavailable.


Our lithium-ion batteries are made with high-quality LG cells and are designed to be easily installed on your bike, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the overall aesthetic of your ride.


KirbeBike offers a variety of additional accessories including light sets with front light, taillight, turning light, and horn for improved safety and visibility on the road.


While the specific brake type isn't included in the EZ Rider kit, we recommend using high-quality brakes for any e-bike conversion, especially if you're reaching higher speeds.



Our EZ Rider Conversion Kit is designed to be adaptable, suitable for various bike types and sizes, offering a universal approach to e-bike conversion.


For the EZ Rider Conversion Kit from KirbeBike, we have stock readily available, with delivery times estimated between 5-15 days. On the other hand, the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit is available for pre-order with delivery times estimated to be around 3-6 months.


The kit comes with an efficient 36V 2A charger, getting you back on the road faster.


We stand behind our products, knowing they're made with quality materials and components. That's why we provide a one-year warranty with the purchase of our EZ Rider Conversion Kit.

 In addition to this, we currently have an aftersales center in Birmingham that offers free repair services and covers domestic shipping fees in the UK within the 1-year warranty period. services and covers domestic shipping fees in the UK within services and covers domestic shipping fees.


Our kit includes a TFT color LCD display, allowing you to monitor and control your ride effectively. While it doesn't sync with an app, it does provide essential data to enhance your cycling experience.

The Swytch eBike Conversion Kit is a compact powerhouse designed to transform your bike into an eBike. It's composed of a 250W geared hub motor and lightweight 36V lithium-ion battery, offering maximum speed within legal limits and a range of up to 30km. 

Easy to install and compatible with any wheel size and brakes, it's a versatile and affordable way to experience the benefits of an eBike. Whether it's for daily commutes or leisurely rides, the Swytch kit is your ticket to an electrified journey.

The Swytch kit is a bit like the Jack Russell terrier of the eBike world: small but mighty. This compact kit comes with a 250W geared hub motor and a 36V lithium-ion battery, offering a top speed within legal limits and a range of up to 30km. It's a solid choice, no doubt about that.

Enter the KirbeBike EZ Rider Kit, the greyhound on the track. Priced at €640.95, it too flaunts a 250W front wheel motor and a 36V 7Ah LG battery. But here's where the EZ Rider starts to pull ahead: it's suitable for almost all bikes, and it offers a remarkable 15-25 miles range on a single charge. Plus, it comes with a TFT LCD display that lets your ride status shine in high definition.

The EZ Rider also brings a touch of finesse to the table with its 20-minute installation and a one-year warranty. And let's not forget the cherry on top - free accessories like brake sensor, D12L PAS, and tool kit.

Installation and Compatibility


Swytch Kit

KirbeBike Kit

Installation Steps

1. Replace wheel 2. Install sensor 3. Install battery mount 4. Connect wiring

Video guide shows process but no detailed steps

Installation Time

10 minutes with YouTube video guide

20 minutes with YouTube video guide

Compatible Bicycle Types

99% of bikes with 26", 27.5", 28" or 700C wheel sizes, including city, mountain, folding bikes

Supported wheel sizes: 16” 1-3/8”, 20”, 24”, 26”, 27.5”, 28”, 29”, 700C. Compatible with most bike types like city, hybrid, mountain bikes. Specifically made for Brompton folding bikes.


Technical Specifications and Features

KirbeBike Kit Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Battery capacity: 36V 7Ah LG battery
  • Motor power: 36V 250W front hub motor
  • Control system: 36V 14A intelligent FOC controller with TFT color LCD display
  • Range: 15-25 miles
  • Maximum motor torque: 50N.m

Swytch Kit Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Battery capacity: 90Wh (AIR model), 180Wh (MAX model)
  • Motor power: 250W geared hub motor
  • Control system: Sine-Wave control system
  • Range: 15km (AIR model), 30km (MAX model)
  • Torque: 40 Nm, to enhance riding experience


KirbeBike Kit Performance:

  • Top speed: 15 mph/25 km/h
  • Uphill performance: Good torque of 50Nm and torque arm design helps with climbing hills

Swytch Kit Performance:

  • Top speed: 32km/h (restricted to 25km/h in some regions)
  • Uphill performance: Good torque of 40Nm helps with climbing hills

Price and Value

KirbeBike kit:

  • Ready to ship within 5-15 days
  • Price of £537.99 for instant gratification
  • 1 year warranty
  • Online customer support

Swytch kit:

  • Pricing is flexible but requires long wait time of 3-6 months
  • Lowest price of £450 but only after waiting for discount
  • 1 year warranty
  • Online customer support

Free repairs and domestic shipping within warranty through their UK aftersales center.

In summary, both kits provide 1 year warranty and online customer support. However, the KirbeBike kit stands out in several ways:

  • It ships much faster within 5-15 days versus 3-6 months wait for Swytch kit
  • The price of £537.99 is very reasonable considering how soon you can start enjoying electric biking
  • UK customers benefit tremendously from the convenient local aftersales center that takes care of repairs and shipping costs within warranty

 While the Swytch kit offers great discounts if you're patient, the ready-to-ship KirbeBike kit lets you experience electric biking pleasure sooner for not much higher cost. With its speedy delivery, fair pricing and added support through the UK center, the KirbeBike kit makes bringing electric joy to your bike a hassle-free reality without long waits. Its combination of swiftness, worth and care makes it the ideal pick.

 Swytch Kit:

  • Dude, you gotta check out the Swytch Kit. Slapped it on my old clunker in like 20 mins, now it's a straight up e-ride! Zooming up hills feels like I'm cheating but it's totally legit. The little battery goes for days too.

KirbeBike Kit:

  • Made my commute a total breeze with the KirbeBike kit. Those 50 newtons of torque have me rolling like the flash! And the 25 mile range is cash - takes me to and from work with miles left over. Servicing is a snap too which is clutch.
  • Yo you should defo convert your bike, it's too easy. These kits literally turn your plain jane into a pedal-assist beast in under an hour. And they're lightweight so you don't feel like a tank. Plus the customer support is tight if anything goes wrong down the line.
  • Bruv, stop sleeping on getting an e-bike attachment! My ride went from mehh to brrrap real quick once I added one of these babies. Spinning to work is a vibe and I save fat stacks on gas. The power boost makes hills into chillz too.


When comparing e-bike conversion kits, it's essential to consider specific needs and priorities such as budget, performance requirements, and ease of installation. Here, we're comparing the Swytch Kit and KirbeBike Kit.

Swytch Kit

  • Swytch Kit is generally known for its compatibility with a wide range of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes.
  • It features a removable power pack, allowing for versatility between e-bike and regular bike modes.
  • The kit is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for commuting or casual rides.
  • The Swytch Kit might be more expensive than other e-bike conversion kits on the market, including the KirbeBike Kit.
  • Some users have reported that the installation process can be a bit complex, especially for those not familiar with bicycle mechanics.
  • The delivery time for the Swytch Kit could be up to 3-6 months

KirbeBike Kit

  • The KirbeBike Kit is relatively more affordable than the Swytch Kit, offering a more budget-friendly option.
  • It comes with a high-torque motor, which can provide an excellent performance, especially on hilly terrains.
  • The kit includes a TFT LCD display for a more appealing look and functional utility.
  • The company offers localized after-sales service and a one-year warranty, providing assurance to customers. company offers localized after-sales service
  • Estimated delivery time is between 5-15 days, significantly quicker than the Swytch Kit. 

  • The KirbeBike Kit might not be as lightweight as the Swytch Kit, which could affect maneuverability and comfort during long rides.
  • While it's suitable for a variety of bikes, it might not be as universally compatible as the Swytch Kit.
  • Budget-Conscious BuyersIf budget is a primary concern, the KirbeBike Kit is the more affordable option.
  • Performance Seekers:If performance and power are top priorities, especially for hilly terrains, the high-torque motor in the KirbeBike Kit might be more beneficial.
  • Ease of InstallationBoth kits require some installation, but some users have found the Swytch Kit to be more complex. If ease of installation is a priority, the KirbeBike Kit might be a better choice.
  • Weight ConsiderationIf you're looking for a lightweight and compact solution, the Swytch Kit might be the better optionsolution.

Remember, the best e-bike conversion kit for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. It's always a good idea to consider your specific requirements and compare them with the features and benefits of each kit.

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