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How to Troubleshoot an Electric bike ?

How to Troubleshoot an Electric bike ?

If you have an LCD Display (with digital screen) press and hold the “M” button for a couple of seconds to turn the kit on or off.
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What to do if your Kirbebike is not working?

Well, it’s not that difficult to check and troubleshoot your electric bike on your own if you know where to look and where to start from.

First of all make sure that your battery is fully charged and has enough voltage.

Make sure your Kirbebike is powering on and your display panel lights up.

If you have an LCD Display (with digital screen) press and hold the “M” button for a couple of seconds to turn the kit on or off.

If you do not get any power to the display then you should start with the battery as well as all the connectors. Check if your battery has an on/off switch. If so, ensure the switch is on.

You may also have a blown fuse in the battery itself. Also make sure that the battery prongs line up properly. The male and female prongs should have a positive connection. You may not get power if any of those are bent or do not contact properly.

What if you already have power and still can not get the bike to move?

Check your brakes first. Make sure that the brake lever is not pulled back and that the cut off switch is not engaged. You can also simply disconnect the brake connectors to eliminate the chance of them causing an issue.

Check each component on the Kirbebike separately, make sure they do not have loose connections and/or damaged wires.

If you have a waterproof kit then push the connectors in all the way in order to ensure contact and prevent any water getting through.

Note that in waterproof kits the PAS and the throttle are connected to each other and the speed level can not be set separately. Therefore the throttle will have the same speed level/grade limit set on the PAS.

If you are getting error code 08 (throttle issue) first check throttle connection carefully.

Then check input voltage (P03) through your LCD Display parameters. That voltage should match your battery.

Error code 10 indicates that hall sensor connector is not connected properly.

Check wires in the motor connector carefully, push the wires in all the way to make sure they are connected properly.

And Error code 07 does not always indicate a hub motor problem. Replacing the controller may solve the issue. You can try a different controller if you have one or ask for a replacement from the supplier.

We hope this article will help you to troubleshoot simple ebike issues.

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If your route is uphill and you need speed, we advise our 1200W Kirbebike conversion kits. The average speed you will get is between 25-30mph. 

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