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KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery
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KirbEbike 36V JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery

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Battery:36V13Ah JL Rear Rack Lithium Battery

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Orders shipped from China are sent via DHL Express, FedEx, TNT, or airmail. Please note: When ordering an e-bike kit, the battery is shipped separately.

DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc. - Orders typically take 5-14 business days to reach most locations and may take longer in remote areas.

Smaller Size, Longer Range, And Shorter Charging Time

The KirbEbike kit is combined with the new 36v 13Ah lithium batteries for a smaller size but greater versatility. The batteries effectively improve the range, stability, and safety of the bike. The pure electric can last 40-50km on a single charge and the battery will retain 80% of its capacity after 1000 charges.
40-50km Mile Range
13Ah Battery Capacity
6 Hours Time Until Fully Charge
1000 Times Cycle life

Battery Parameters

36V 13Ah

Model Number DP Lithium Battery
Rack Aluminum Rack
Battery Type Rear Rack
Charger 36V 2A
Battery Capacity 36V13Ah
Cycle Life 1000 Times
Range 40-50km
Charging Time 6 hours
Size 365*155*45mm

Battery Features

key Lock

Lock, use to lock the battery on

Battery Tail Light

Press the button the taillight will
turn it on, press again taillight will
blink, press again taillight will turn
off. The taillight will not turn off
automatically, so when you do not
use the battery please turn off the
taillight avoid running out of the
battery power.

Battery Level Light

Press the button the light will turn on after about 5 seconds light will off automatically.

1 Red 2 Green --100%
1 Red 1 Green --50%
1 Red 0 Green --20%

Power Switch

Press the switch to "-" battery
will power on, Press the switch to "o" battery will power off.

Charge Socket

The charge current for this socket can not be more than 3 amps.
The discharge cable connects to the bike controller power cable.
Red for positive "+"
Black for negative "-"

Controller Box

This battery has space to put the controller. But you need to confirm your controller is small enough to put in. Normally the controller needs to customize. We do not provide the controller.

Battery Install plate

Battery install plate. This plate will be installed on the battery when we ship. You can take it off by the key and install it on the bike frame by screw. Then put the battery on it.

Double wall aluminum alloy rear rack.

Double wall aluminum alloy rear rack.


36V Battery Charger

36V 2A
100-240V AC. 50/60HZ

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to confirm your wheel size, we only offer 26" and 28" (29", 700c), with wheel widths is 1.5-1.95 inches, if it is ES Everest MTB 26", the wheel width is 1.95- 2.35 inches.

You can find your wheel size on the side of the tire of your existing wheel.

If you are not sure about your rim size, you can contact us at support@kirbebike.com.

36V 13Ah battery has 30-40 miles of range
36V 16Ah battery has 38-45 miles of range
36V 18Ah battery has 42-50 miles of range
48V 13Ah battery has 40-50 miles of range
48V 16Ah battery has 50-60 miles of range
48V 19.2Ah battery has 60-70 miles of range
48V 21Ah battery has 65-75 miles of range

All figures are in pure electric mode, the actual mileage will be farther if there is pedal assist.

LG cells are better in product quality and stability, so the price is more expensive.

Most of our electric bike conversion kits can reach a top speed of 25-30 Km/h, but the 1000W model can reach speeds of 45-50 Km/h. These speed limits are primarily set by the laws governing bicycles. Requirements for bicycles with a top speed of more than 25 km/h may require additional permits and are subject to different traffic regulations.

We stand by the quality of our products.

· 7-day money-back guarantee on all orders. Please contact us to return items for a refund.

·Lifetime technical support. Contact support@kirbebike.com for assistance from our team of experts.

· 1-year extensive warranty on all retrofit kits. See the Warranty and Returns Policy for details.

Free Shipping to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

We place great emphasis on quality control from the start of production to the end, and each kit is rigorously tested before it leaves our store.

For complete kit purchases and any purchases that include batteries, our team will build, test and ship your kit within 2-7 business days.

For smaller items, such as accessories or components, our team takes 1-5 business days to process and ship your item.

For more details, check each kit's product page for the latest updates on availability, or email us at support@kirbebike.com.

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